Monday, October 25, 2010

7zip - File compression/decompression

Everyone who has used a computer for more than a minute knows what a zip file is.  For those who need a refresher, a zip file is an archive of one or more files compressed into one file.  This one file is usually smaller and easier to transport than the original file or files.  This is where 7Zip comes in.  7zip not only lets you easily create and open compressed files such as zip files, it also supports many other compression formats.  Two of the more popular formats, behind zip of course, are RAR and 7z.

To the left you can see an example of the 7-zip file manager that will open and create your compressed files.

Best reason to use 7-zip over other programs?  It's Free!!

  • Don't use the Windows built-in zip file viewer.  It only works for zip and makes people think they can work with the contents of the file as if it were a folder.  It's not!!!
  • Don't pay money for other well known programs like winzip or winrar when you can get better functionality for free.

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