Sunday, February 6, 2011

Axantum AxCrypt

I've talked previously about encryption using Truecrypt.  Truecrypt is a very powerful encryption suite, but it has one flaw:  You can't encrypt single files or folders in place.  Axantum AxCrypt is here to fill in this hole in our encryption needs.

AxCrypt is a program for all current versions of windows.  It adds a menu to the rightclick menu for files and folders.

As you can see from the picture above you can either encrypt files or folders in place or create a self decrypting copy to send to someone who may not have AxCrypt installed.

AxCrypt uses the AES encryption algorithm and 128bit keys to make sure your data stays as secure as your encryption key.

Anyone use anything else for encryption?  Suggestions are always appreciated in the comments.


  1. I currently do use Truecrypt, I'll give AxCrypt a try now thanks!

  2. should prove to be quite useful. following.

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