Monday, February 7, 2011

Ninite - Easy Software (Re)Install


How often do you reinstall Windows on your PC or other people's PCs?  How often do you have to go looking for updated versions of your favorite software?  With Ninite you don't have to take hours finding and updating all of your favorite software on each reinstall.  Ninite lets you make a custom installer that will always grab the latest versions of the software you choose.

Software examples include:
- Flash
- Java
- Web Browsers like Firefox and Chrome
- Video players like VLC
- uTorrent
- 7zip
- much more

Not only will your custom installer grab and install the latest version of your favorite software and utilities, the installer is preconfigured to remove any toolbars and other spam that may be installed by default.  Try it for yourself and see how much time you can save.


  1. Looks pretty good. Love the VLC shoutout one of my favorite programs.